The motion capture data directly interacts with both the audio and visual elements throughout the performance in real time.
For the music composition and sound design, the movement of the dancers bodies through the play space triggers sets of sounds so that for example, the dance becomes a drum machine, human-vocalized bird song, vocal chants as well as anxious breathing, wings flapping and laughter. Additionally the dancer’s movements control elements that interact and “remix” the pre-composed music as well as the tracking of audio through the immersive sound field- the sounds follow the dancer’s movement through space.
For the visual, the LED walls display digital twin or dancer avatars in fantastical worlds reinforcing the choreographic story line while providing access to other dimensions and representation of the program in real-time. The digital media is mindfully integrated and bracketed with the live action to form a reflexive virtual production that supports immersion of both the material and digital realities. Theatrical lighting with motion heads follows the movement of the dancers creating unique fields of shape and movement only achievable with motion capture and live locational data.


Jesse Reding Fleming ///
Laurel Jenkins ///
Lewis Pesacov ///